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A logo refresh for Catfish Web Design



The Catfish Web Design logo is about 18 years old. It was ‘designed’ by me using Century Gothic font – not a font I would choose today. However, it has worked well and stood the test of time but this year I felt it was time for a refresh.


The first Catfish Web Design logo was very literal and designed, as a favour, by a friend who was just starting out in graphic design. I could hardly believe that my ex business partner was still hanging onto one of our old business cards. It’s a bit rough around the edges but brings back a lot of memories.



Catfish web design old logo


Our next logo, and the one that we have been using for the past 18 years, was created about 2 years after we set up. We didn’t have any money in the kitty to pay a graphic designer - it seems logo design cost a lot more back then – so this task fell to me.


We wanted something simple with text only, the idea being ‘less is more’. Hence the clean and clear Century Gothic with the word ‘fish’ inexplicably picked out in pink.


Catfish web design logo


This logo was well-established, and our brand identity easily recognisable, so we didn’t want to move too far away from what we had. But we did want to eradicate the ‘home made’ look and reach out to new customers.


Remembering that I am a web designer and NOT a logo designer, this time we got our associates Croft Design on board.


The remit was:


  • Build on the brand equity in our old logo and remain recognisable to clients
  • Make a strong impact
  • Must work well across print and web as well as social media profiles
  • Retain our brand colours

We think they've done a great job.


New logo for Catfish Web Design