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Adding personality to your website



Sew Creative contacted us because their existing website was an off the shelf ecommerce solution which simply wasn’t working for them.


The design was non-existent using a very basic template, and didn't reflect the fact that this was a small family business with 2 physical shops in Cambridge and Norwich. In fact the website looked as if it was a sewing machine warehouse and there were major issues with the functionality of the purchasing process. The CMS was also very cumbersome so updating was difficult.



Sew Creative Cambridge


The brief was to inject some personality into the website, showcase the shops (this information had previously been hidden in the footer) and make it more engaging for visitors. We chose some sewing illustrations that give a slightly retro feel to the site but not so much that it will date too quickly.

The 2 shops each have a dedicated page which they can update easily. The workshops and courses are now run off a database so that, again, adding and managing these can be carried out by the shops themselves rather than relying on ‘Head Office’ to do this. Due to the small classes the client preferred not to have online booking but to handle this manually.

The online shop now works beautifully with a zoom, refine search facility and the option to choose different finishes for the furniture.

Client, Marie Jacobs: Working with Catfish has been a fantastic endeavour for Sew Creative Ltd, we now have a stunning website which reflects our shop perfectly. We now have customers comment on how much of an improvement the site is and how much easier it is to use! We highly recommend Jane and her team, they listened to what we wanted and delivered to a high standard.


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