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It's all about teamwork ... and how I love the people I work with



You cannot be a master of all trades so outsourcing or having partners is crucial when you're a small business. I learned many years ago to stick to what I know best i.e. designing and building websites, and leave the 'other stuff' to the professionals. 


This is not about farming work out to any man/woman and their dog but building strong relationships with other small businesses who can positively enhance the services you offer.


Catfish has been working with Cambridge Marketing Consultancy for about 5 years and we've collaborated on some great projects together the latest being for Joe DiVanna a global keynote speaker, corporate trainer and strategic management consultant.


Nicolle Halksworth at Cambridge Marketing Consultancy scoped the project, acted as project manager, wrote the content for the brochures and website and, of course, leads their marketing campaign.


Catfish designed and built the website which showcases Joe's unique talents with real impact.


Joe Divanna


The logo and printed material were taken care of by Croft Design - our graphic design partner. They produced a set of brochures tailored to the 4 aspects of Joe's services: 


Joe Divanna


Joe Divanna


So, all in all, a marriage made in heaven ... and a very happy client.