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Keeping up with the web trends in 2016



I’ve just read a really good article on trends in web design. Of course it’s important to keep abreast of what’s new in design and technology but dangerous to follow blindly regardless of the client’s requirements.


The sites we build are for businesses, people and organisations that want to be found easily and provide their visitors with a pleasurable experience hopefully resulting in a ‘sale’.



Penn Farm Podiatry


An example of a simple site with no fancy tricks

Penn Farm Podiatry



We never compromise the usability of our websites to follow fashion and whatever functionality we use on our websites, we use for a good reason.


So, what's our take on it?


  • We prefer to show top level navigation to users right away and not hide it in a ‘hamburger’ menu until we get down to small mobile devices.
  • We rarely if ever use carousel images only and no text on the home page. Oddly enough Wordpress seem to advocate carousel sliders as a ‘must have feature in all business, portfolio or any web template’. I don’t think so!
  • We don’t mind a bit of parallax scrolling. This functionality allows the foreground and background content to scroll at different speeds, creating an illusion of depth. However, often sites that use this tend to be just one page and that’s hopeless from an SEO point of view. We never build just one page. Parallax is not great for mobile devices either.
  • Complex load screens … we just don’t do them.


Braithwaite and Johnson


Less is more for Braithwaite and Johnson




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