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Taking photos for your website



I know I am always harping on about getting a professional photographer on board when compiling imagery for your website. When people look at your website they expect to see pictures and they also expect these to be high quality.


Clients often show me examples of websites they aspire to and, without exception, these sites will have stunning imagery, usually bespoke, with a huge degree of impact. So what are the options? Well, there's always stock photography which is cheap and can be very effective if chosen well and used in the right way. If your budget allows then using a professional will really make your site stand out.  


The third option is the DIY route. I am naturally cautious about clients taking their own photos as 99% of the time the results are not good enough. However, I have on a few occasions been pleasantly surprised at the results clients have achieved. It is time consuming and often involves a lot of trial and error but persistence can pay off - if you have the time to devote to it.


Below are 3 examples of photos taken by clients and links to their websites so you can see how effective they are online.




Calico Cottage


Calico Cottage


Penn Farm Podiatry


Penn Farm Podiatry


Flo and Burt


Flo and Burt Wedding Stationery


Here's an interesting article on taking photos for the web


Just need to make it clear though ... I still reserve the right to say NO to homemade photos!