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Being web legal



UK businesses have certain legal requirements under UK law. Making sure that you’ve got a legally sound website is crucial.


We've recently teamed up with Legalo, so while we do the fantastic design and web functionality, we can bring in free templates from Legalo ( to make meeting the legal requirements simple.


Website policies


For free, Legalo give your business website templates, that fit in with our design, such as privacy policies (including cookies policy), terms of use, and an email disclaimer. These make sure you’re web legal. There are also useful guides provided with each policy so you customise them for your business.


We believe your website shouldn’t just look great and have the latest functionality, but should also make running a business easier. By ensuring your website meets legal requirements, you reduce risk, and increase your reputation.


Legalo are known for being an excellent legal resource. That’s why we use them. We know design and functionality, they know the law.


Don’t worry if you don’t know what your legal requirements are. You can find out more in this Legalo article: It’ll reassure you, and give you the knowledge you need to make your site legally compliant.