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Promoting a charity event with a quirky video



Recently, friend of Catfish Georgina Forbes asked if we could assist with a promotional video for the first Romsey Mill Charity Gala. Of course we said yes, and what fun we had!


When coming up with ideas, we thought of reasons why someone wouldn’t go to a gala – “I have nothing to wear” and “I won’t know anyone” were the ones that stood out the most (partly because we had used them as excuses before!).


Nothing to wear is a more everyday problem, exacerbated by the prospect of having to be fancy at an event. We figured this would be the most relatable issue that crops up, so this became the theme of the video.


After some more brainstorming to put together a short script, we dove headfirst into the dressing up box. With Jane as the ‘Fairy Gothmother’, Georgina as the ‘Frustrated Party-Goer’, and Eden as the ‘I haven’t got any makeup on so I’ll film it’, we set about giving the performance of a lifetime. It only took 14 takes and lots of corpsing, but we know you’ll agree when we say Hollywood, watch out!


We sent the clips over to Georgina’s son Josh Jones, who has done an excellent job of showcasing our raw talent. The final product below…



You can snag yourself a ticket to the Romsey Mill Charity Gala at


We’ll see you there!






Romsey Mill is a Cambridgeshire-based charity that works with many of the most vulnerable and isolated local young people and families. Our experience in giving help to support families early can prevent situations from reaching crisis point.


Our innovative projects in Cambridge city and areas of South Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, help young people and families to overcome big challenges and lead fulfilling lives and inspire change in the world around them.

For further information, please visit