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Beauty on the move during Lockdown



Sisters Alison and Helen have been running their Waterlilies Beauty Salon for 20 years. Covid-19 had then questioning if they would survive. Some ingenuity and hard work has meant they have! Here's their story.


As the COVID 19 pandemic hit the UK back in March it was an incredibly difficult time for our business. Client were cancelling appointments and we were forced to close the salon. 


We felt like we were on an emotional roller coaster for the first month of lockdown. It was such a scary time for everyone and we were left wondering if, after 20 years as Waterlilies Beauty Salon, we would survive the next few months.


We are sisters and started Waterlilies as mobile beauty, but over the years the business grew to be an established aesthetics and beauty salon.


Like everyone we cleaned, baked, gardened, and spent precious time with our family. We enjoyed slowing down and started to evaluate where we were with our business. It gave us time to update our website that we had developed with Jane at Catfish Web Design and to re-evaluate how we were running our business.


As we had many loyal clients we kept in touch through our emails, social media, and telephone calls. We stopped and looked around to see how other businesses were coping.  One of the things we noticed was that how many deliveries were happening and decided to use our once a day daily exercise to cycle out to clients with their favourite skin and nail care.


As lockdown began to ease, we opened as a shop to sell to our customers their favourite ELEMIS and Medik8 skincare products. We could also advise them on any issues they were experiencing with their skin and nails during quarantine.


We have worked hard to make the salon safe to reopen with deep cleaning, redecorating, buying PPE, screens and online learning with the Beauty Guild Infection, Prevention and Control of COVID-19.


We realised how important it was to stay in touch with our clients, adapt to the situation and above all stay strong. We are still waiting to open our doors in order to offer treatments, but we are ready to welcome our clients back.


Salon of distinction award



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