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Challenging the competition for GenQA



The Challenge

Although long-established in the field of external quality assessment for laboratories, GenQA was aware that competitors were stealing a march on them.


The existing website had been developed in a hurry to accommodate the merging of two organisations and the client had never been happy with it. Their printed materials were also little ‘home spun’ and lacked impact.


The merger had resulted in a lack of clarity and mixed messaging, so we wanted to take GenQA back to the drawing board.


Laying the foundations

Our immediate impression was that GenQA had a clear idea of what it did but had yet to find a way to articulate this. We recommended a brainstorming workshop to extract the facts and information in order to clarify their ideas and deliver brand new thinking around their marketing potential.


The workshop would also make sure that the website showcased all the important unique brand positioning messaging right from the beginning. Establishing and articulating this point of difference becomes even more important when there is a similar competitor hot on your heels.


Content is king and we worked with GenQA to identify the best navigational structure for the new site and prepare copy for it, curating the site messaging from an independent perspective.


Once our client had a clear sense of how to present their business they would then, more easilly, be able to create marketing activities and actions that directly and proactively engaged with their all-important audiences.


Refining the brand

Out of the workshop came the decision to refine the brand and produce professional print collateral including stationery, business cards, information factsheets, posts and exhibition materials. The aim was consistency and clarity.



GenQA print collateral


GenQA print



Website design and development

Some of the immediate recommendations we made were to:










The new website launched in September 2020 illustrates and confirms the quality assured service GenQA provides to the international Genomic community.


Visit the website at