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Don't let your domain name expire



Your domain is an essential part of your website. Without this, it goes without saying, you don’t have a site. It is therefore vital that you renew your domain before it expires.


Losing a domain can be devastating for your business. If you don't renew then it's available for anyone else to purchase. In the worst case scenario you lose the domain completely and, with it, your brand identity.


Domain renewal


Most registrars give you a 30-day period of grace to reacquire the domain, but our recommendation is that as soon as you receive the renewal reminder you renew. Why not? Domains are extremely inexpensive so this purchase certainly won’t be affecting your cashflow. Putting things off until the last minute can also mean that they ‘slip the net’.


If your site is down because you have not renewed your domain, this can also affect your search engine rankings. Even the most temporary spell of downtime can seriously damage your site.


You will also find that any emails associated with the domain will no longer work.


Renewing your domain is very easy. Our recommended hosting company, Wiser Hosting, sends out several reminders. All you have to do is to login to the client user area, go to ‘My Domains’, and click on 'Manage'. If we purchase a domain on your behalf we always make sure it is registered in YOUR name. so if you have forgotten your login credentials, we will be able to provide these to you.


Your web hosting is also due for renewal every year. Again, reminders are always sent out and our recommendation is to renew on the first reminder and then it’s all done and dusted.