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I'm baffled ...



I’m a creative. And I’m baffled. When Lockdown 1 began in March 2020, talk turned to supporting our neighbours, using local shops and businesses, taking pleasure in the small things. Admittedly, we had little choice in the matter. But life has changed again recently … and it seems it’s been easy to abandon those live/love local promises.


In my professional life, although my clients are global, I can choose where I do my work. In fact, mostly I don’t venture more than six miles away (and I fully acknowledge how fortunate I am not to have a grinding daily commute). In my non-work life, mainly conducted from the pillion seat of a motorbike, generally with camera in hand), I love exploring my neighbouring counties of Dorset, Devon and Monmouthshire – all a maximum of fifty miles away. These days, I have little desire to go further.


None of this is meant to sound self-righteous, by the way. Or judgemental. Indeed, my journey time is usually determined by my hips, my back or an interesting-looking cafe! But I would like to shout out loud, possibly from the top of the Mendips AONB, or the Jurassic Coast around Lyme Regis, that there’s nothing wrong with staying/working/buying/living local. It’s not a failing. It doesn’t indicate a lack of adventure. And it’s certainly not boring. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s often creative and very rewarding. And it’s rekindled my love affair with paper copies of local maps, and picnics.


Recently, when I was exploring a street art festival in my closest city, I came across a beautiful, short verse located at the entrance of a tiny, delightful park:


Do not strain to see beyond the far horizons arc,

and miss the flowers that grow beside you in our park!


Ebenezer Gate Pocket Park


There’s no doubt this is an approach to life that appeals to me. How about you?


Sandra is an author, editor and long-time associate (as friends and in business) of Jane, founder of Catfish Web Design.