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Making a successful promotional video



Are you thinking about making a promotional video? This doesn't come cheap so it's important to ensure you get the best result for your money. 


Here are some pointers on how to make a success of your video:


Define your audience


This will help you create a targeted and effective video. If you try and reach a generic audience you risk losing the people you really want to speak to.


Identify your goal


What do you want to achieve? It’s important to be really clear about why you are creating the video in the first place. It may be to increase brand awareness, to drive traffic to your website and as a result increase sales. Alternatively, you may want to educate your target audience. 


Clarify your message


If you have several goals then you should consider multiple videos. Don’t cram in too many ideas. Confusing or watering down the message will not produce a good result.


Choose your concept


Discuss this with your videographer to make sure they understand your vision. They will have experience of what does and doesn’t work.


Determine your budget


If you want a drone flying over Cambridge  this will push the costs up tremendously. There are all sorts of permissions to be sought, just for starters. So be realistic about what you can achieve within your budget.


Plan carefully


Bad planning or lack of planning can result in additional costs or delays. Prepare your storyboard and plan your script. You may need several drafts before you are ready to film. Professional script writers may even be required, but it’s a worthwhile investment.


Call to action


Don't forget to let your audience know what you want them to do next – phone, subscribe, purchase, donate etc.



Some ideas for promo videos:


Take a look at some of the work we've produced with our associate DragonLight Films:


An explainer video for Global Regulatory Services.


An introduction to the work and team at ALN Carpentry



If you'd like to discuss your ideas for a video, why not give us a call on 01223 873340.