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New website launched for CKLG Accountants



The Challenge


Our marketing associate, Nicolle Halksworth of Cambridge Marketing Consultancy, has been working with CKLG for over 7 years. Nicolle has completely changed the way the firm approaches their marketing which has resulted in a rapidly growing portfolio and team.


Nicolle inherited the CKLG website which was less than inspiring but struggled along with it while formulating her exciting and innovative marketing strategy. There was a lot of content on the site, but it was difficult for visitors to find their way around and some navigation was duplicated.


On top of this the content management system was extremely inflexible so Nicolle was limited in making even basic changes.


The real issue was that the website did not reflect CKLG’s personal, local and friendly approach to their clients and was at odds with their print and marketing materials.


We needed to redevelop the website to create an online presence that was ahead of their competitors.



CKLG accountants



The Solution


It was important to emphasise the company’s local reputation and approachable personality, so we didn’t want the website to look too corporate. However, it did need to present a company with expertise and credibility.


We divided the site into two areas: business and family, which immediately makes the visitor journey clearer and more intuitive. 


There are also prominent calls to action so that visitors know exactly who they need to speak to. This was all part of making the site more personal and reaching out to the client.


We ditched the news and set up a blog which will become a valuable resource for clients, to keep them up to date with all the latest financial information. Articles can be shared easily on social media and drive people back to the website. Blog articles can also be displayed on individual web pages as a means of providing more useful information if the visitor wishes to explore further.


The team is crucial to the success of CKLG. With lots of accountancy firms out there, great value is derived from having a team that can develop long term relationships with clients. More attention has been given to these pages with welcoming photos and links to Linkedin profiles for directors and managers.


Stunning bespoke photography from Pete Corr keeps it real.



CKLG accountants cambridge




The Result


We delivered an engaging, responsive and informative digital hub specifically targeted at CKLG’s audience of existing clients, potential clients, their referral network, and employees (both existing and potential).


The website captures CKLG’s personality, core values and services and the client journey is easy.


We’ve worked with Nicolle on many other projects, so she is now delighted to have our easy to use content management system and can keep the site fresh and up to date. No more hand wringing!


For help developing a marketing strategy or a website get in touch with Jane on 01223 873349.