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Questions to ask your web designer before you sign on the dotted line.



Choosing a web designer can be a difficult, particularly if you have not been through the process before. Here are some questions to help you make the right decision.

  1. Can I see some examples of your recent work?
  2. Can you design and build a website within my budget?
  3. Are there likely to be any other costs involved?
  4. Do you use off the shelf templates, or will you be building me a bespoke website?
  5. Will you build the website yourself or outsource the work?
  6. Who will be my point of contact during the project?
  7. Can you simply adjust my existing website or do I need to start again?
  8. Can you tell me a bit about the process and the timescales involved?
  9. What will I need to provide before you can start work – content, photos etc.?
  10. What other services do you offer e.g. logo design, copy writing, search engine optimisation, social media, marketing, photography, video?
  11. Are your websites responsive for mobile devices?
  12. Will you include search engine optimisation when you build my website?
  13. Are you able to build an online shop or provide other functionality like galleries, blogs, news systems, password protected member areas, event booking?
  14. Will my website be secure?
  15. Can you recommend a good hosting company?
  16. How do I can keep my website up to date? Will I get instructions or can you offer training?
  17. If I don’t have time to update the website myself, can you do it for me?
  18. Are there ongoing monthly/annual fees, or do I own the website outright?

If you'd like to ask us these questions, please get in touch with Jane at