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Revamp for Cambridge Relocations



A lot of our clients have been with us for many years and one of those is the success story that is Cambridge Relocations. The first website we built for them was over 10 years ago. It was given a complete makeover in 2016 so this revamp is 'version 3'.


Cambridge Relocations was one of the first relocation agencies to operate in the area but competition is forever knocking on the door so they need to keep one step ahead of the game.


Cambridge Relocations website revamp


Before the revamp



The client was very happy with her branding and the overall style of the website but was keen to make the layout more visually appealing to visitors in 2022. 


So what did the project involve?


1. We refreshed the content and made some changes to the site map, losing some of the pages that didn't contain much information and moving this to a more appropriate place on the website.


2. We expanded the FAQs and related them directly with the 3 main service areas.


3. Natalie is the owner of Cambridge Relocations and therefore the driving force behind it. Most clients using the company are doing so because they've heard of Natalie so we wanted to give her more prominence on the website. She now features on the home page so visitors can see immediately that they've come to the right place. 


4. Following on from this we encouraged Natalie to 'show off' her expertise and knowledge of the relocation industry with a blog. We've called this 'Natalie's Thoughts'. 


5. Like many of us, Natalie is not overly keen to get in front of a camera but we recommended a photoshoot with our photographer, Richard Green. She now has some great looking photos for the site and headshots for marketing and social use. We like to think she enjoyed the experience in the end.


6. We also updated a lot of the other stock photos on the site.


7. Natalie had a load of new testimonials that we've now added but rather than a dedicated testimonial page, we've scattered them around the website. There is also a link out to her additional reviews on Google My Business.


8. There are more prominent calls to action to encourage visitors to be in touch.


9. Technology has moved on since the last refresh so we have updated the way the site works on mobile devices which will provide a much better experience for those users.


10. Finally, we worked on the search engine optimisation which included keyword research, writing page titles and meta descriptions, as well as setting up Google Analytics and Tag Manager.


Cambridge Relocation agency




After the revamp.


View the new greatly improved website.


For more information on a website refresh contact Jane at