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The benefits of using local businesses



With many small businesses struggling during 2020, we thought it was time to shout out the benefits of using local businesses, especially during lockdown.


The village of Haslingfield (where Catfish Web Design is based) is no exception so we thought we would celebrate this by creating an online directory of local businesses to help promote their services and products. It is often a surprise to discover what you’re looking for is right on your doorstep.



Why shop locally



Why shop locally?

  1. It boosts the local economy. Profits from local businesses are invested locally in the form of salaries, business purchases and charity.
  2. British businesses pay UK tax. This means there is more money for the NHS, roads, police and other public services.
  3. It’s more environmentally friendly. So much better to be able to walk or cycle to collect your shopping. Even if it is posted, there won’t be many miles your purchase has travelled.
  4. Unique, one of a kind products. Local businesses sell items that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
  5. Help build communities. Local businesses help give areas their special flavour .
  6. Support local entrepreneurs. Celebrate the successes of people you know.
  7. Get good advice. You can get a better experience from a local business rather than a large company. You can ask questions and understand the ethos behind the small enterprise, speaking directly to the person who made, provides or created the product.
  8. Better customer service. When you shop local, you very often speak to the business owner (or someone who is directly connected to them). This personal approach means that any problems are taken seriously. 
  9. Create local jobs. Small and medium sized businesses are the largest employers in this country.
  10. Local businesses are for everyone. Most people can get to local businesses easily. This is particularly important for the elderly, the vulnerable, young people and those without a car. Helping keep businesses open helps the whole community.

We are trialling our newly launched Shop Haslingfield website and if it proves a useful resource for the community we will look at developing it further.


For more information on getting listed visit


Thanks to Hannah Roberts of Penn Farm Podiatry for her input on this blog. It's all about collaboration.