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Vicarious travel: how to get away without fuss



We all know that the summer getaway from the UK has turned into a total nightmare for many. And even the roads to holiday resorts in the UK are not plain sailing (urmhh, you know what I mean!).


So how about some vicarious travel? The advantages are thousand-fold: it is not weather dependent; it is not even transport dependent; you can get there from your garden, your bed, a local cafe, without needing to present a single piece of documentation to a border force. You can even travel time zones and centuries. And it’s virtually free.


How so? I’m talking here about audiobooks. What a joy they are. They take you to places and eras you couldn’t easily get to, without the fuss, and they allow you to do it in a carbon-free and frugal manner.


Here’s what’s on my listening list at the moment. So pack up a picnic, find a spot of your choice, and tune in …







Finally, and at a personal level, I find listening to books very relaxing. As an editor, it means I can take my eyes away from the screen or the page (usually constantly being scanned for queries, errors, re-writes) and simply enjoy the wonderful prose.


Happy vicarious travels …


Sandra is an author, editor and long-time associate (as friends and in business) of Jane, founder of Catfish Web Design.