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Building a website for an author



This is the first of a series of case studies on recent clients and their websites.




Hi Judy Reith here - parenting coach, author and perfect mum of 3 perfect grown up daughters. Actually a deeply flawed mum with normal kids, but my passion is working with any parent to make parenting easier, more fun and less stressful. I have two websites: and which is how most people find me. I work with parents in several ways. Coaching - which means lots of listening to what parents are worried about, but then helping them to figure out what they can do to sort their parenting problems out.  Coaching is practical and helps clients work out the best solutions in their family.  I always tell my clients they are the expert on their kids, not me.  Parents struggle with confidence and skills, but when they make changes that give them back their confidence and put the smile back into parenting, it is the greatest thing for me as their coach to witness this.  When I'm not coaching, I write about parenting, bang on in the media about parenting and fill up the diary giving talks on parenting topics in schools, and for companies keen to help their working parents.




Judy wanted to make sure that there was a dedicated website to match her book that was due to be published: 7 Secrets of Raising Girls Every Parent Must Know. She was aiming to position herself as an 'expert ' on raising girls.


She needed a stylish easy to use website that matched her branding and would have all the 'back room' requirements to maximise SEO (search engine optimisation).


Judy chose Catfish because as the book and site were aimed at raising girls she thought a female touch would help and that our ideas would be a good fit.



Darling Daughters





Judy already had a logo and colour scheme for us to work with and the video on the home page is welcoming. Using old photos of Judy really personalises the website.


As well as raising Judy’s profile, one the main aims of the site was of course to sell the book so there are prominent links to Amazon.


Judy is well-established and respected in her field as a parenting coach and will often be the first port of call for parents. With this in mind we also wanted the site to act as a resource with a useful directory. These listings come from information Judy has collected over the years and from sources she trusts.


Judy offers down to earth and practical advice and her blog ‘What would Marmar do?” offers tips and snippets of parenting wisdom.




Judy says: “I feel Catfish really achieved what I had asked for. I love the website but just wish I had more time to update it myself. I have also had positive feedback from people who like the website.”


Judy also appreciated being introduced to a much cheaper hosting service, Wiser Hosting.  


She also received some excellent training on how to use Mailchimp to send out her newsletters from Hayley Williams at Keystone Marketing


Visit the website at