Cafe Abantu


Catfish client: Cafe Abantu

We have long admired Wendy Slade who opened Café Abantu in 2006. Since then, the café has moved from outlying Cambridge villages to the city centre. With a fantastic location, a delicious menu and ethical ethos the only thing missing was a website.


Wendy didn’t require a large, complicated website but she realised that a DIY job was not going to ’cut the mustard’.


What makes Café Abantu different is the journey of Wendy and her family and their dedication to offering fair trade and environmentally friendly products and supporting and sponsoring children orphaned in Africa. Telling their story was an important aspect of the website.


The menu changes regularly as they use seasonal ingredients so keeping this up to date online was going to be too time consuming so there are sample drinks and lunch menus on the site.


It’s easy to find opening hours, location and to sign up for their newsletter.


We enjoy working with local businesses, particularly independents to help them showcase their products and services in the best possible light. The Café Abantu project has been no exception.