Campbell-Taylor Solicitors


Catfish client: Campbell-Taylor Solicitors

Campbell-Taylor Solicitors are primarily based in North London and have over 20 years of experience as a niche law firm. Their website was ‘creaking’ along, looking extremely dated and using very old technology. They knew they needed to upgrade but lack of time had meant this project had been on the backburner for a long time. They were also looking for the ideal agency to handle the redevelopment.


The client had given a huge amount of thought to what they wanted to achieve with the site, what they wanted to say on it, how they wanted it to look and the functionality. One of the main criteria was that wanted to stand out from the crowd.


Tinted overlays on images and interesting rollover effects, along with the bespoke photography supplied by the client, were all ways in which this was achieved. The team photos of them ‘at work’ rather than ‘mug shots’ work particularly well.


The overall effect is professional and dynamic - showcasing people that ‘think outside the box’.


The client was over the moon with result. So that made us happy.