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Can a Womenswear Boutique survive Covid-19?



I’ve known Suzie Rice, owner of Style Heaven, for many years as a friend and client. I have always been impressed by her proactive and resourceful nature. The Covid-19 lockdown has proved to be an incredible challenge for business people, but Suzie has risen to this challenge and even created new channels for her business going forward.


Suzie had returned from her Spring/Summer stock buying trip, just a fortnight before lockdown. She watched the news and after the initial panic that most of us felt for our health, her thoughts turned to what on earth she was going to do with all the stock she’d just invested in and how her business was going to survive.



Suzie Rice



At that point, she said, she made an important decision.  Through experiencing many years of coaching, she knew she had to stop herself going down the rabbit hole of fear and panic.  So, for the first 6 weeks of lockdown, she pressed pause and took time out of the business completely.  She spent it with her son and French bulldog, they took long walks in the Willingham countryside, enjoyed baking cakes, played games and kept up with family and friends on Zoom.


During this period, she says she had regular visits from the ‘doom gremlins’ in her mind and committed to herself to do regular guided meditations, to keep herself in a positive mindset.  It worked, and by week 7 she had rested, recharged and was ready to get back in the game.


She spoke to Marketing Consultant, Nikki Stock, who suggested she post videos on social media to showcase the new collections.  Nikki’s advice was “you are your brand and people will love seeing you modelling your clothing”.  She wasn’t keen on the idea to start with but made herself record a series of ‘daily outfit’ videos. She said “we can get caught up in wanting everything perfect, but I was just myself and after the first two videos I actually started to really enjoy it, which I think comes across in the clips”.  The response was overwhelming, she found she was selling out of the items she was showcasing and people were asking to see more. 


What a turn around!  Suzie set up video appointments with her clients, for them to see all the collection and they absolutely loved it.  Suzie is a trained personal stylist so prior to each session she put a collection of pieces together, based on their individual style, colouring and body shape.





So, can a womenswear boutique survive Covid-19?


Yes, this one can! She allowed herself time to rest and trusted in herself. The inspiration and creativity came at just the right time J


This video appointments are so successful that Suzie now offers ‘virtual shopping sessions’ to purchase online.  The booking fee is £50 but is redeemable against any purchases made.  Shopping from the comfort of your home!


If you’re interested in a session, click here: