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Case Study: Campbell-Taylor Solicitors



The Challenge


Campbell-Taylor Solicitors are a firm of London-based solicitors with over 20 years of experience as a niche law firm. Their website was ‘creaking’ along, looking extremely dated and using very old technology. They knew they needed to upgrade but lack of time had meant this project had been on the backburner for a couple of years. They were also looking for the ideal agency to handle the redevelopment.


The client had done a fair amount of research on websites he liked both in terms of appearance and functionality. He was also pretty clear about what they wanted to achieve with the site and the message they needed to convey. One of the main criteria was that the site should stand out from the crowd.


The other problem for the client was the inability to update the site inhouse and their reliance on their previous web agency to make even minor updates for them.



RHCT legal



The Solution


We immediately warmed to the idea that our client did not want the conventional ‘solicitors website'.


Campbell-Taylor started out as a legal aid firm but although they now undertake a lot of private work as well, they did not want to look corporate and faceless. Using bespoke photography certainly helped show a sense of place and their connection with the community.


The client showed us a lot of different effects that he wanted to use on the website, which gave us a clear idea of what he was aspiring to. But style over substance is one of the things that can be very irritating about websites. We took all this on board, and came up with a solution that gave him the impact he wanted but ensured we did not sacrifice the customer journey and usability on the altar of fashion.


A review of the navigation now means that it’s easy for visitors to find the information they’re looking for without being overwhelmed by jargon. Each area of law has a dedicated page with clear information about funding (which is very important to a sector of their client base) and prominent calls to action.


We installed our easy to use content management system so that the client now has the facility to make updates to the site themselves.


The website and pages are structured to enhance SEO and redirects have been put in place so that visitors continue to be directed to the relevant page on the new site.



Websites for law firms



The Result


The overall effect is professional and dynamic - showcasing people that ‘think outside the box’.


Our client has had a lot of positive feedback on the usability of the new website.


Being able to update the website themselves has also made a big difference to the way they use the site, and they now feel more in control of their online destiny.



Campbell Taylor Solicitors



Client Testimonial: Rod Cambell-Taylor, Managing Director


Catfish are efficient, skilled and straightforward. Their approach is embodied by their terms of business which are concise, reasonable and jargon free. They understand small businesses being one themselves and work on a personal level. Jane was unfailingly helpful, she knew how to realise my better ideas and tactfully steer me away from less good ones. She was also extremely patient with a certain amount of finicking around on my part. 


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