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Support and assistance for unpaid carers


The Challenge


The existing Carers Count website was no longer ‘fit for purpose’.  Over the years the site had grown and developed in an ad hoc fashion which meant the navigation had become over complicated, and this was compromising the user journey.


The imagery was dated with little impact, the content needed reviewing, and the client really wanted a more engaging website that was easy to update inhouse.


Carers Count website


The Solution


We considered the wide range of people using the site including an older audience. This involved:


Making the website more personal to ensure the carers using the site felt part of a community.


Testimonials to encourage new carers to be in touch and help promote trust and credibility.


Relevant and eye-catching photos.


Installing Browse Aloud to assist with accessibility, along with a dedicated page showing how to use it.


Reviewing the site structure and breaking page content down into manageable chunks with clear calls to action.


Directing visitors to other carer support services in the area.


An important aspect of the new website was the library of resources. It now acts as an information hub, making it easy for visitors to find useful links and publications. It is constantly being updated.


In fact, updating and general maintenance was a problem previously but with our intuitive content management system the client has complete control over editing text and imagery and adding new pages.


Moving forward


Shortly after the website was launched, we found ourselves in the midst of a pandemic. Our client’s involvement in Carer’s Week usually meant physical activities and workshops. However, Covid-19 presented a challenge. The set up of the new website meant it was easy for us to add a new section devoted to this with a database of live forums and pre-recorded online video events.


Carers Count - support and advice for carers


Saying about us

"Our previous website was outdated, confusing to navigate and dull. Catfish really understood our needs and our audience. As a result, our new website perfectly reflects the way we want to welcome people to our service and it has helped us to engage with clients much more effectively. People now comment on how bright, engaging and accessible our website is. Thank you very much for being so helpful throughout the process."