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Could your website be doing more for your company profile?



This article was written by Nicolle Halksworth of Cambridge Marketing Consultancy 18 months ago but it's still extremely relevant so we thought we'd flag it up again here.

Attraction and the desire to be ‘attractive’ is probably one of most powerful emotions we possess as human beings; creating the foundations for many of our social relationships.  The same can often be said for business relationships.


If you’re like me, you will tend to make 'buying' or business decisions based on the following criteria (but not necessarily in the same order):


  • Appearance
  • Accessibility
  • Quality
  • Service Levels
  • Past Customer Experiences
  • Price

From a customer perspective, your website is often the ‘first point of contact’ they have with your business, service or products, so it is vital that this ‘first impression’ is a good one and leads to repeat visits, or preferably, a call to action.


Tired, out of date and user un-friendly websites can be a major disadvantage to your company and online profile. They can be off-putting, frustrating to use and most visitors will move on very quickly to one of your competitor’s websites, in search of a better experience.


Your website encompasses everything about your company - from its values, service levels, industry profile, brand, products, services and customer experiences - so a clear, well-designed website that is easy to navigate, informative and relevant is crucial to building a successful, competitive business.


Whether you are trying to increase sales, build business relationships, launch a new product or service, the presence of a good website will help to strengthen your brand and profile online; delivering better communication to your target audience and setting you apart from your competitors. It only takes a few minutes of searching the web to find a number of companies getting this right and those who have clearly missed the point.


However, investing the time and resource in the creation of a ‘standout’ website is only half the battle - attracting your target audience can be equally challenging…..but I think we’ll delve into this minefield next time. In the meantime, if you think your business could benefit from a website ‘make over’, please get in touch.


Cambridge Marketing Consultancy work with very experienced, local, design agencies, who would be delighted to help deliver a fantastic new website for your business.  From creating the brief and writing the content to managing the design and launch for your new website - our experienced marketing consultant is ready to help.