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Going mobile



Google has predicted that mobile search will overtake desktop in the next few years so, with that in mind, businesses should really have a mobile search strategy in place.


But there are still a lot of companies and organisations out there who don’t appear to see the value of a mobile friendly website. Lack of funds can be a factor but failing to address this can have a negative impact on your business.


According to a survey included in the Econsultancy Mobile Commerce Compendium, 67% of smartphone owners had used their device to search for information in the previous seven days, and four out of five people use their smartphone to look up local information. See 30+ compelling mobile search statistics by David Moth.


Google now penalises websites in mobile searches that are not mobile friendly. Those which are will rank higher as they provide a better user experience.


You should definitely be mindful about offering your visitors a positive experience. If they struggle to read or navigate your website, guess what? They’ll click away and go somewhere else. So you are effectively handing over your business to the competition.


A lot of people I speak to tell me they won’t tolerate a poor website and yet, ironically, their own website is not offering what they expect to receive from others.


You can check  to see if your site is mobile friendly.


If it’s not, contact your web designer.


Catfish has been designing mobile friendly sites for the past couple of years, which means that they adapt seamlessly depending on what device they are viewed on. If your site is older than that and you want to discuss the options of making it mobile friendly just get in touch with us