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Independent review of a Catfish website



A client recently conducted an independent review of their website. We were delighted with the postive feedback. An overview of the report is below.






The COAPE site is well designed. It is clean, elegant and professional and focused on enabling users to move through the courses and complete a purchase easily. There are many great things about the COAPE website such as:


  • The whitespace around images, text and columns makes the layout clean and easy on the eye.
  • Well branded: the site name, use of imagery and introduction leaves the user in no doubt as to what the site is about.
  • Images are relevant and meaningful.
  • The Tutor and Team page gives COAPE personality and gives visitors a taste of what you can offer.
  • Instils trust. The faces of the people behind the site are visible and credible.
  • There is a clear contact number and business address on every page.




Most people come to a Web page and skim. If it doesn't look like what they needed to learn or wanted to read about, they leave.


  •  The content on each of the COAPEs pages is clear and concise.
  • The programmes are laid out in an easy to follow and concise way.




Internet users want access to information quickly and easily so the layout and in particular the navigation bar need to allow for easy browsing.


  • The COAPE navigation bar allows the visitor to navigate quickly and easily.
  • The links are clear and the terms used are meaningful to visitors.
  • The image links for different types of COAPE courses are understandable with the addition of appropriate text.
  • The navigation on each page remains consistent throughout the site.



Getting people to visit your website is one thing; persuading them to buy your services is a different challenge. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is going to be critical to ensure your site is visible so potential clients can see your product offering.


  • From the home page it is clear to visitors where to go next to find out more about the courses
  • The COAPE course pages are easy to understand, clearly describe what potential students will learn and the investment required ensuring they have all the information they need to make their buying decision and move to checkout.
  • The secure trading logo and statement at the booking point provides reassurance that they are safe to buy from you

The site can be viewd at


"The speed and efficiency with which Catfish came up with the goods and gave us just what we wanted was amazing. We are now happy bunnies indeed so thanks a million guys for all you have done! Lovely design, very efficient team, kept to time and delivered exactly what we wanted." Peter Neville, Client