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Join the independent business scene in Cambridge



For the last 5 years Steve Linford and Anne Beamish, the founders of Independent Cambridge, have built their lives around promoting and supporting the local indie scene.


They’ve published 3 books, hosted networking events and kept us all up to date with what’s happening locally on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Anne and Steve started this all-consuming venture after reading an article in the Telegraph describing Cambridge as ‘the worst clone town in Britain’. Their enthusiasm and relentless hard work over the years has resulted in higher visibility for a lot of small and independent businesses, and ensuring the independent community thrives is paramount to retaining the unique character of Cambridge.


Independent Cambridge


Independent Cambridge is not funded or influenced by another organisation. It is truly independent.


They’ve had a lot of support from locals who understand the value of working together, but retaining their individuality as businesses. Many have featured in their books and others have taken out a listing in their online directory.


But in order to help the indie scene to grow they need to involve even more independents – both shops and businesses. There is strength in numbers.


Most small businesses don’t have large advertising and marketing budgets and rely on social media for much of their marketing, as well as word of mouth. I know … it’s how I operate. Independent Cambridge has a very large following on many social media platforms so being part of this community can be a very cost effective way of getting your products or services out there. It works for both business to consumer and business to business.


Independent Cambridge is now offering the IndiePro Membership at a cost of just £25 + VAT per month.


That's just under £7 a week!


It's a bottle of wine, a few bars of chocolate or a couple of cappuccinos. 


The main benefits are:


  • dedicated IndiePro microsite
  • professional photo-shoot
  • interview-based editorial content
  • you'll feature in Our faves slideshow
  • prominent positioning on map searches
  • high placement in search results
  • inclusion in Tours if applicable
  • Instagram rotation

Plus, you’ll benefit from:


  • over 3,500 followers on Twitter
  • over 4000 likes on Facebook, posts regularly reach thousands of people
  • over 1,400 followers on Instagram
  • Top Google ranking. No. 1 on Google for many related search criteria
  • Priority shout-outs in the monthly newsletter 42.65% Open rates for our newsletter to over 600 subscribers, average click-through rate of 16.13%
  • Featuring in ‘our indie of the week’ series via the Cambridge Network

How to get involved:


It’s easy – IndiePro Membership costs £300 + VAT per year.


You can pay annually or monthly by Standing Order. 


To sign-up just email to receive more details.

Call 0771 2044 160

OR get in touch via social media.