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Our favourite marketing podcasts



Although podcasts have been around for a while now, the last couple of years have seen a surge in the quantity and variety of subjects available. Unfortunately this can make it exceedingly difficult to find a podcast you enjoy, with some topics being over saturated, and others still a little sparse.


Luckily we’ve taken some of the hard work out for you if you’re looking for a marketing themed ‘cast! Of course, we came across some which we turned off after 5 minutes, unable to stand another moment of the host talking, but we won’t mention those ones - just because they weren’t our cup of tea doesn’t mean we should bash them!




So, without further ado, our favourites…


Everyone Hates Marketers 


  • Louis Grenier, ‘no-fluff marketer’
  • Interviews with marketing professionals, content creators, SEOs, consultants
  • Straightforward and honest, good practice for marketing
  • Helping companies stay away from ‘shady’ marketing techniques
  • Does have some swearing, so maybe use headphones!


Small and Mighty Conversations 


  • Is done in ‘seasons’, Season 3 recently started
  • UK based
  • A variety of guests, from creative start-up entrepreneurs to industry experts
  • Not solely marketing, but also about business development and growth


Socialette: Bite-Sized Online Marketing


  • 5-10 minutes long, easy to digest
  • Great if you’re short on time
  • Tips, tactics and insight from a marketing professional, helping small business owners to stop just learning and start doing!


Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast 


  • Notts based marketing company
  • Interviews with industry experts and thought leaders in SEO, PPC, conversion, websites, and more
  • Informative and not too jargon-y


Marketing Scoop 


  • Run by SEMRush, a popular marketing analytics and online visibility website
  • The latest digital marketing news, interviews with leading marketing minds, and more
  • Around 30 minutes long, easily digestible
  • Can sometimes feel a little crowded if they have a few guests on at once!


The Marketing Meetup Podcast


  • By Joe Glover of Marketing Meetup fame, and a Cambridge local!
  • Great for if you can’t make it to your closest Marketing Meetup (although we recommend trying to go along to one if you can, a great atmosphere and always interesting!)
  • Recorded talks, interviews, and discussions from the popular Marketing Meetups


Best marketing podcasts



Personal recommendation (non-marketing) - Welcome to Night Vale


  • Surreal fictional radio show based in the desert town of Night Vale. Interesting and humorous, with a Twin Peaks/Twilight Zone vibe.


At the end of the day, one podcast doesn’t fit all - you’ve just got to listen and see! Once you’ve caught the podcast bug however, you’ll be listening nonstop.


Article by Eden Jefford

Digital Marketing Assistant