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Spring cleaning your business



We’re a couple of weeks into 2019 so how are your new year resolutions going? Did you make any?


In business it can be a good time to review your marketing strategy and your website. Perhaps some spring cleaning is needed.


I spent last night rationalising my bedroom drawers and folding my clothes the Marie Kondo way. I am, by nature, a very organised person - I always categorise, file, fold things and have regular culls. But by making just a few tweaks to the way I store items has suddenly given me more space despite only discarding a couple of things that were falling apart.


Reorganising and rationalising can definitely re-energise you.


business new year resolutions


But what has this got to do with your marketing and your website?


Well, it’s great if you already have a marketing strategy but when did you last revisit it? Customer needs change, businesses develop, and the uncertain economic climate can all impact your strategy.


Looking at new opportunities, checking out what your competitors are up to, planning your goals for the coming year and making tweaks to how you do things can all have a positive effect.


When did you last update your website? Is some of the information out of date? Do you want to place more emphasis on a particular service or product you offer? You don’t necessarily have to rebuild the site or make massive changes but making sure it’s looking fresh and relevant is crucial. If you had a shop window you wouldn’t leave last season’s outfits on display.


If you don’t have time to make changes to your website yourself, ask your web designer to do it for you. It may just be adding a new price list but KEEP IT UP TO DATE.


We are always happy to provide a quick review of your website. We also offer marketing brainstorming sessions before you start making major changes to ensure these are going to be effective and provide a return on investment.


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