The Cambridge Oven


Catfish client: The Cambridge Oven

Jolita Durrant initially approached me to design and build a website for her artisan bakery. When we met it became apparent that in order to get to this stage she needed help with a marketing strategy and branding for this exciting new venture.


The Cambridge Oven logo was designed by our talented graphic designer, Sarah Croft. The woodcut image gives it a traditional artisan feel with a contemporary twist, and works well as a stamp on eco-friendly packaging.


The branding carries through into the premises which exudes warmth as you enter and breathe in the smell of freshly baked bread.


Nicolle Halksworth of Cambridge Marketing Consultancy came on board to develop a marketing strategy that would help Jolita reach out to potential customers. Creating a buzz around the new business on social media leading up to the launch meant that when the bakery finally opened they were not short of customers.


This engagement and interaction continues with daily posts of photos showing new products as they constantly refine and expand their offering.


A strong online presence for The Cambridge Oven was crucial. The website is clean and simple, beautifully showcasing the range of artisan breads, sourdoughs, cakes and pastries.


It certainly wasn’t plain sailing for Jolita but, although she experienced a few setbacks along the way, her determination and, I like to think, our support helped her through.


This project was an exciting and successful collaboration by our team of associates: branding, marketing, photography and web design.