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The importance of typography in web design



Typography plays an important role in setting the tone and message of a website.


With increased resolutions and responsive design typography is becoming more important in order to create impact and make a statement.


However, fonts needs to be checked to ensure they are web safe if they are not being used as image files, render consistently in all browsers and are legible when viewed in smaller mobile devices.


There are lots of great web safe fonts available for free at Google.Fonts. But, a word of warning, not all of them display well in certain browsers – and size can make a difference too. Ironically, some I have tried appear ragged in Google’s own browser.  You need to try them out before you integrate them into your design.


Other suggestions:


Typography is personal . Here is a curated collection of the 40 best Google fonts from Typewolf.



A couple of my favourite uses of typography and a source of inspiration for me are:






Some websites where we have used different styles and sizes of typography to create impact:


Rather Good Catering






Ultimate auto



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