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The importance of using images on your website



A picture paints a thousand words


People love images and will respond to them so it’s essential to provide engaging, appealing and evocative imagery on your website, blog, or any other marketing you do via social media.


A high quality relevant image related to your text can help boost search engine rankings.


Using images on your website


Some interesting statistics from Steamfeed:


  • Images result in 94% more views, which shows a clear user bias toward articles with images. 
  • Photos and videos in press releases increase views by 45%.
  • When purchasing a product online, 67% of consumers note that the quality of the image depicting the product is of great importance in following through with a purchase. 
  • On Facebook, engagement with photos is 37% higher than engagement with text.
  • Over half of consumers are more inclined to contact businesses which include an image in their search results locally.

Where to get your images:


  • Good generic imagery can be sourced from stock photo galleries like  or
  • If you want to truly personalise your website employ the services of a photographer.
  • When selling products online demand good photos from your suppliers. If this isn’t possible or you are producing your own goods, take your own (providing they are up to standard) or use a professional photographer.

Need more help with your images or contact details for recommended local Cambridgeshire photographers? Get in touch.