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The powers of persuasion and how the proof is in the pudding



We recently launched a new website for local carpentry and joinery contractors, ALN Carpentry. This was a revamp of a dated and uninspiring website that did not reflect the high profile clients and building contractors the company worked with.


The client was very clear about the website he aspired to. The brief was all very manageable but it did mean rebranding with a sharp new logo, professional photographs of their recent projects and a video.


Ordinarily, the first step would be rebranding but the client was reluctant to let go of his old logo even though we felt it gave the impression of a company specialising in domestic projects rather than high end, cutting-edge commercial buildings.


We were disappointed but understood. It can be difficult to envisage what impact a well designed logo can have.


We were therefore forced to work with the old logo, although we ditched the egg yellow colour and opted for classier blues and greys.


The old website suffered from poor quality photographs, dated drop shadow fonts and impersonal content that needed some heavy editing.



ALN carpentry old website


What we did:


  • Cleaned up the content so it gives a clear overview of what the company offers.
  • Highlighted the reasons for using ALN.
  • Provided photos and bios of the 2 directors to inspire trust and confidence.
  • Health and safety is an important aspect when working with large building contractors so this is now a dedicated page.
  • Set up a projects section to showcase both commercial and residential projects. The client can easily add to this area to keep the site fresh. 
  • One of the most important aspects of this web project was the photography. It did take a few days to get around to the various sites but the end results were well worth it. A picture really does speak a thousand words.



ALN carpentry new website



Once the website was complete and launched, we started work on the video. At this point the client was starting to appreciate the professionalism we had brought to the party and could see how impressive the new website looked and what a difference using an experienced and creative photogapher could make. 


We brought up the thorny issue of the logo again and this time he jumped at the chance to rebrand. 



ALN carpentry old logo


The new logo changes the empahsis to the commercial.


ALN carpentry Cambridge logo



The final part of the project is a video which we hope will be completed in May when we can revisit one of the building sites to film the finished product. This will then feature on the home page of the website.


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