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What makes a good sign up box



The difference between a well thought out email sign-up box and a poorly designed email sign-up box can make all the difference to your conversions.


There are a few golden rules when designing your sign up box.


What’s in it for them?


It’s probably obvious but you need to offer users something in return for signing up to your email list.


Users who do not already have a relationship with your company may need a strong incentive to join your email list. Most people don’t want more ‘junk email’.


So create some motivation to get them to sign up with a clear proposition on why they should do so and what they will get in return.


This can be offers, discounts, useful information, top tips, freebies, entry into a monthly prize draw.


Where to place your sign up box?


Make sure all elements of your sign up box are above the fold in a standard web browser layout.


There is always the option of a light box overlay. See below in case you don’t know what that is. However, some people find a box flashing up on the screen irritating so think about your target audience.


Sign up box



What information to ask for


As little as possible.  Visitors do not want to fill out long complex forms. I suggest just the email address first. You can always gather more information later.


What should your submit button say


Keep the text on your email submission button short, clear, and friendly while also telling users exactly what you want them to do. Make the button large and clear.




  • Join Now
  • Join Free
  • Get your FREE E-book Now
  • Begin Receiving Offers Now
  • Register for Top Tips


Sign up box



Assure privacy


Consumers can be protective of their data online, so it’s important to have a privacy policy explaining how their information will and won’t be used.


You can have a short line of text on the sign up box (f there’s space) or a link to your privacy policy.






Offer something free


email sign up box



Give the the visitor good reasons to sign up


Email sign up box



Show how many other people are signed up - it must be good!


Email sign up box