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Your first website ... starting as you mean to go on



Fionnulla Brooks AKA Flo is a personal trainer who was looking for her first website. Flo had been using a Facebook page to promote her classes and training packages and test the market, but understood the limitations of this.


While Facebook allows customisation of page headers that really is the limit of the branding and personalisation you can do on your business page.  This means your business branding is subordinate to the blue Facebook brand. Of course you can upload your own content but you do not have ultimate control over how and when it is displayed.



Flo Fit personal training



That it not to dismiss the importance of social media but it is just part of your online strategy and you should always be directing people back to your website with your branding and your own exclusive, unique content. If you want a truly original design that will reflect your business goals, you are going to need to invest in a website.


Working with start-up businesses is one of our strengths. Getting the foundations right is important and can save money in the long run. Taking holistic approach, we can offer advice and assistance not just on your website but search engine optimisation, marketing strategy and social media.


Another aspect to your website that can make it stand out from the crowd is bespoke photography. This was something we used for Flo-Fit. Yes, it’s more expensive than using stock photography but it’s a great investment and can be repurposed for blogs, social media posts and for printed press articles.


Flo says: I approached Catfish Web Design to design and build my website because I was so impressed with the sheer amount of high profile sites they had already worked on, and for their obvious flair and skill at creating the perfect look and feel unique to each site and each brief. They did not let me down! I am so happy with my site (I sometimes just visit it for no other reason than to admire it!). The brief was followed to a T and, although very minor, any changes I requested were sensitively dealt with and considered.


I would wholeheartedly recommend their service to anyone debating a 'do-it-yourself' job Vs the professionals. Jane advised me right from the beginning to 'start as you mean to go on' and I am extremely grateful for this advice as it has influenced my decision to ensure that my site looks and operates like a professional one. If I need any support with anything technical now that my site is live I feel confident and secure in the knowledge that the team at Catfish really know their stuff and are on hand to help!